Get into The Word until The Word gets into you!

Growing up, I had many examples around me of the discipline of reading the Bible. I had many men around me that were disciplined in the Word. But I never could grasp the discipline. I was never motivated to do as much as read a verse a day. I didn’t understand the value of the statement that Robby Gallaty uses in nearly every “Making Disciples” podcast… “Get into the Word until the Word gets into you”. 

I grew up with this idea that it was obligation. I guess in a way it really is… but our motivation should be one of love… one of desire… if we have a love for God… a desire to KNOW God… then we’ll be compelled to go to His Word.

In my mid thirties… I’m finally getting around to be motivated to KNOW God and compelled to go to His Word. Not just know Him intellectually (not as in IQ, but as in intellectual awareness)… I want to KNOW God in a intimate way. I want Him to be my why, and to be the foundation for my decisions and actions. I feel that I’ve finally gotten to the point of being COMPELLED to get into His Word. 

But to KNOW Him…. I must get into the word. I’ve recently begun intentionally setting aside time several times a week for reading, journaling, and praying.

You know what has helped? Accountability.

It’s tough for men to admit that they need accountability, but it’s the truth. As men, we need to recognize the challenge, and put ourselves in situations to be accountable. We need to have a 2AM friend that we can share the struggle with.

As church leaders, its helpful to create a environment of accountability. I’ve recently begun to understand the art of communication through actions vs communication through words. If you can create a system by which small groups are have some level of accountability, you will be better off than verbally telling men that they will be accountable.

I by no means have the art of communication through actions figured out. It’s something I’ve been learning and trying to put into practice.

When we create an environment of accountability, or humbly place ourselves in a environment of accountability, we have some additional motivation to put in the work.

Getting to know God takes time. For most men… time requires patience. We have to be patient with ourselves. But we can’t be defeated before we even start. We MUST START. Start where we are… with what we’ve got. Throughout the Bible we see examples of God using unlikely people to accomplish the impossible.

Start. Start reading the Bible. Start keeping a journal about what you are reading. Start praying.

Need some pointers on where to START? Email us. We’d be happy to have the discussion. We’d be happy to provide some resources. We’d be happy to be an accountability partner. We have a growing network in the eastern half of the United States… perhaps we can find an accountability partner in your area to connect you with!

If you are a pastor trying to develop your men and/or your congregation, we’d love the opportunity to share what is working for us. Email us and we would love to help you develop a culture of accountability and Bible engagement.