Our Mission: To Make Christ's Last Words Our First Actions As Christians

At Disciple 1, we’re calling ALL Christians into action.  We’re challenging you to help us raise awareness of the Great Commission.  We feel it's as easy as agreeing to be intentional about meeting one on one with another person and getting in the word.  Anyone, no matter where you are in your walk with Christ can do this.  In Mathew 28: 16-20, Christ gave us a calling, its our hope that you will step-up and out to fulfill that calling.  It’s time to join the mission to fulfill the Commission!!


That's it. It doesn't get much easier than that. We believe as Christ does, even 1 person is worth investing in.



Disciple 1 Ministries is focused on one simple thing, encouraging Christians to become Disciples.  Thus allowing God’s Men and Women to grow and encourage others along their walks, wherever they might be in the journey.  We are here to help you build better, stronger and more Christ centered relationships.  We are stronger together and we need to do life together.  We can accomplish this by investing our greatest commodity, time,  into Christ's Church.



You’re not just imagining it, something is missing in today's age.  Why Disciple 1 you might ask and I would answer you with another question.  Where have the men gone?  Men are missing, missing from society, the communities, the churches and most importantly their homes.

Disciple 1 was birthed out of a desire to see men stand up and start to show up.  It's easy to say but it's difficult to help someone find and walk out their God given potential in this life.  I've found it's quite simple when you have the right frame of reference, the right focal point.  That is Jesus, we must model his behavior and not be concerned with religion but with a relationship with Christ.

Let me ask you a question, how did Christ disciple?  He didn't try to beat his religion into them or talk about how religion could change peoples lives, yet he did talk about how a relationship could.  We must know Christ to know the Father.

I spent years in small groups, never talking, never growing and never moving.  It wasn't until someone approached me and ask me for a cup of coffee one morning that things started to change.  After meeting one on one with this other man for a while, my life changed.  I tore down walls in my heart, opened it back up to let life and Christ back into it.

That's too simple you might say and I would say that your exactly right.  You see anyone can do this, even you can be a catalyst in someone else's life.  All we have to do is be intentional about building a Christ-centered relationship one man at a time.  It's as simple as asking someone to coffee and seeing what's behind the mask they're wearing and what's really keeping them from moving closer to God.

Do you have an hour to invest into God's kingdom by becoming a disciple to someone who needs you?  You have to have a relationship with another man before he will ever hear and take the words you say to heart.

Love is the bridge the truth with flow over, without love, we are nothing.


The Disciples 1 Challenge will be for men to meet one-on-one with another man for one month minimum.  The conversation material will be provided to help steer the conversation towards Christ and relevant day to day circumstances.  The challenge should be to meet with a minimum of 3 but no more than 10 men throughout the year. There will be on online format for support and encouragement throughout the year as well.  There will be follow-up material that can be provided but the desire would be eventually craft your own relevant material. If this sounds like you, you're exactly he kind of man who should be involved!