Sometimes, it’s just about showing up!

Hey D1 Nation,

I wanted to start this note by saying, I really think of the biggest lies we’re told by the enemy is the belief that Christianity is a cop-out, it’s the easy path, that’s what simple-minded people do who can’t deal with life’s circumstances by themselves.  What malarky!  Being a Christian is hard, being a good Christian is even harder.

I was reading today in Job and two verses really stuck out to me today.  (If you didn’t know why it’s called the LIVING WORD, it’s because you can read the same verse over and over and have it say completely different things to you depending where you are on your journey.)  The first verse was the second part of 2:10 “Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?” and the second was the last part of 2:13.  In 2:13, Job has suffered more loss than most of us ever will and or can imagine and he’s in the throughs of a depression that only few can empathize with.  As Job is just sitting in the dirt, covered with sores and has lost all 10 of his kids, livelihood, worth, everything in a single day.  I’ve read all of this before but due to some recent personal circumstances i’m astonished by what his friends did first.  They simply set with him in his dirt, in his sorrow, in his pain for 7 days and 7 nights without saying a word.

Some might wonder, why didn’t they say anything to Job?  Why didn’t they try to console him this time of pain and loss?

I can tell you from living it!  The answer is simple, you don’t have to say a word.  The action of showing up and just being present is the best thing a friend can do for another friend.

Who in your life just needs you to step up and out?  Who in your life just needs to have someone sit next to them in their pain, in their time of need?  Be a true friend and just show up!

If you do show up keep Job’s friends in mind.  As soon as they opened their mouths and tried to fix his problems for him, it didn’t end very well.



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