Mike Whitmer

The man I am now is not the man I’ve always been. Today I’m a servant of God, a husband and a father. But before I gave my life fully to Christ, like so many other men, I was living life for me. I’m not the man who’s going to talk about perfection or how to walk with God without pain – because that’s never been my experience. I’ve lain in dark pits of depression, I’ve struggled with sin and I’ve made mistakes that led me away from God instead of closer to Him.  It wasn’t until I was broken beyond my own potential redemption, after my son nearly died in 2009, that I found myself desperate for God and willing to do whatever it took to draw closer to him.


Today, I’m striving for change.  I want to see men stand up and fight for Christ.  I want men to stand together and build brother’s in Christ.  We as Christians were called to do one thing - To go and make Disciples.  This has become my mission, my passion, to see the life of another man change as he starts walking with Christ and a fellow brother - a disciple.

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Toby Clem

Toby has a passion for meeting new people and developing lasting relationships around him. He realized his passion after being laid off after 15 years in the corporate world. Through the journey of self employment to provide for his family, and developing strategic partners for business purposes, he quickly realized that God was using the life events to prepare him for a greater work. He tries to challenge himself daily with the passage in James 4:17, “To him that knows to do good, and does not do it, to him it is sin.”

His considers his biggest challenge to be present for his wife and 3 children… which he believes is his first ministry. Providing for his family through self employment, and using his resources to disciple men to the glory of God battle for his time and attention also.